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The dean emeritus

of the Wildblood faculty.

Harry Charie of Bedford, England,

was one of the firstest and foremostest.

When he retired from a position in food chemistry,

the husband of Margery Wildblood of Staffordshire 

began to study his and her names.  More about his

can be found at Keith Charie's twinned site.

From 1987 to 2004 he sent many Wildbloods

and Charies of the world a Christmas newsletter.

Every year he journeyed to London, where he was born,

to obtain birth, marriage and death records.

Harry inspired and mentored the author of wildblood.org.

The Wildbloods of the world owe Harry a debt of gratitude.

He has earned a spot in the Wildblood Hall of Fame.

The photo shows Harry at home,

a veritable Wildblood archive, in 1996. This page

has images of his 1988 annual message

and of his farewell address. My scan of the first side

of the early communication is faulty. The bottom line,

phone call to Maria, was chopped off. Typical!

But it will not be the first time that Maria, Alan's wife,

has had to exercise forgiveness Polish style.

Harry's 1987 introduction is a rare document

with few surviving. If you have one, hold on to it.

And by the way, Harry does not rhyme with Charie.

Harry rhymes with marry, and Charie with lorry.

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