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Wildblood Runs in Our Family.

Wild Blood cleanses our veins.

We’re the envy of Smiths and Joneses

With our name - claim to fame - that no one disdains.

We’re the Tom, the Dick and the Harry

Your Miss Brown is dying to marry


(poem under construction by the founder of this website)


wildblood.org was up for grabs, so I grabbed it. And I, Alan (1943) am paying for it as long as the money lasts. But this site is open to anyone who wants to publish anything about a surname that is easy to remember. If your name is Wildblood, your father’s name was Wildblood or your mother or your best friend, you are welcome to contribute any biographical, anecdotal genealogical or statistical data in graphic or text form to this platform. We, the only Wildbloods of Germany will let you splash all the wild blood that is fit to print on people or animals, living, dead or fictitious, anywhere in this world or beyond, who go by this anathema to arterial sclerosis.


This website is intended as a forum for exchange of findings and for making acquaintances with distant relatives and possible kinfolk on several continents. Your host is an amateur at website design and implementation with little time to spare so this tame attempt won’t look professional for quite some time after launching in April 2000.


Some of the items which I may, with your help place on this site in the future are.


Links to homepages and websites of businesses owned or managed by Wildbloods.


Email addresses of people interested in meeting Wildbloods.


Lists of surnames linked to Wildblood by marriage.


Creative writing by relatives of all ages.


Photos of anybody in the Wildblood family tree who wants to add a smiling face to this gray matter.


Theories on the origin of the name.


Separate pages for the Wildblood families in based in different countries, states and counties.


News of events like births, marriages, graduations, publications, promotions and deaths in the family.


Last updated August 14, 2004 by Alan

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